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    Golf Pros, Change the way you run your business!

    Eagolf is a coaching App dedicated to golf professionals and academies.

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Managing your clients has never been so simple

Eagolf is an easy to use solution to manage efficiently all your customers in one point. You get a full contacts database with all essentials information such as: sport profile, contacts details, planning, lesson follow up and much more...

You can also Build your own smart contact groups and centralize all your communications (Training, Travel, championship, lesson, etc).



Highlight your Know How

Eagolf integrates a new trajectory analysis tool together with a video analysis tool.

You can offer an immediate visual feedback to your customers, determine points to improve and help them to progress faster.

Follow your customers during and after lessons

With Eagolf, on the course or in the driving range, you can quickly create a lesson report and send it automatically to your clients.

Outside the lessons, your clients can keep you updated of their golf games. You get all their statistics and can provide them precious advices.



Enjoy your own golf video channel

Thanks to Eagolf, you can record, share and broadcast your own videos.

You get your personal video channel totally dedicated to your clients.

Get known and recognized to a large audience outside the club house.

Thanks to Eagolf, improve your coaching and manage effectively your customer data!

With Eagolf, you have a simple and powerful tool based on a trajectory analysis (viewing shots, video in slow motion) which allows you to provide the best advice to your customers. 

Your customers receive automatically after the course, a summary of their lesson including trajectory analysis, explanations, corrective videos, and exercises.

Meanwhile, you have a complete database of all your customers (information, contacts, physical and sports, historical lessons) and you can easily get in touch with them.

Eagolf also allows you to record your own videos and share them privately with your customers.

Eagolf, is an iOS Ipad app dedicated to golf professionals which saves you time and money!


Adrien DUBOIS Golf Professional

Professional golfer, previously golf manager at Club Med, it is through its customer contact that came Eagolf's concept, a coaching app dedicated to professional golfer and golf academies.


Gaëtan PACCOU Team Leader, Project Manager

Digital Marketing Expert and golf passionated, he takes care to bring the vision of Eagolf project. He makes the link between all the profiles of the team.


Nicolas MATERNE Product Designer, Web Dev

In touch with the latest web and graphic trends, he is in charge of Eagolf identity, he aims to make Eagolf, a more functional and intuitive reality.